Year 3 Intro

Turns out that even when all goes well in life, things can tilt in a matter of weeks in a pretty quick manner. Moving in with people exxibiting nightlife and drug-friendly attitude put a lot of pressure on me. I locked myself away from people and struggled overall, especially around deadlines. I even gained some weight and felt messed up throughout.

Nevertheless, at least during the first semester, I managed to continue running PALS on a voluntary basis, after a cut in funding of the Economics department, succesfully completed most tasks at grades not reducing my GPA by too much, and kind of managed to pass through it all.

I applied for a masters degree in Econometrics and Operations Research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, to which I was admitted and managed to meet the head of European Not for Resale Sourcing in the corporate group I work for. Therefore, my prospects are higher than they were last year, but I felt more like crap throughout.

Thankfuly, I will work part-time over the summer and therefore will be able to use a decent amount of time for rest and sport. Compensate for the negatives of this year and hopefuly move on to another, possibly the last one in academia for a while.

Year 3 Modules

Overall GPA: 70.87

No matter where you go, there you are.