Year 2 Introduction

Year 2 in Plymouth was both the reason and the result of the biggest turnover in my life so far. And it was a good one. Job experience over the summer as well as generous help of my parents enabled me to arrive to the UK with prepaid rent for the whole year and 100% of my focus could be put into my studies and more importantly into the quality of my life.
I have become a PALS leader, continued being a Bloomberg Ambassador, met the best roommates I have ever had, worked on dealing with my BPD, joined the International Student Support Group, where I even met a girl with whom I have discovered new perspective and a way of life.
I also completed my Plymouth Award portfolio, making myself ready for its submission in the year to come.
Despite the fact that my grade point average went down by 2.5%, I am far more satisfied with myself and the way I live my life, while still aiming at first class degree.

Year 2 Modules

Overall GPA: 79.53

You gotta do what you gotta do.

Turanga Leela, Captain and pilot of the Planet Express delivery ship