Year 1 Introduction

Although first year was very hard from both personal and academic perspective, I managed to achieve great marks and receive a distinction in form of being featured on Dean's list of academic achievement. Despite the fact that it made me proud, I don't forget that more than half of the way is still in front of me and that I'll still need to push borders of my abilities.
This year, I have arrived to the United Kingdom on a coach, managed to get over the cultural shock, made money to partially cover my rent, and survived being underpaid by GBP 500 right before Christmas. I even managed to advance to national finals of the Unilever Future Leaders' League.
All of this with an untreated mental health condition, in my own isolation, without making friends. Thanks to one person who helped me to deal with all of this over Skype, I have not given up. Thank you, Sára.
Finally, before the start of the next year, I have secured position as a Bloomberg ambassador as well as a PALS leader. Additionally, I have started a process of psychotherapy and medication for my condition. All these factors have contributed to my final decision to stay here in Plymouth for year 2.

Year 1 modules

Overall GPA:  81.93

The Ursae do not know fear.

- Volibear, League of Legends Champion