SPNX02 - Spanish 2


Second year of Spanish course aiming at reaching A2/B1 level of CEFR. Although mostly based on self study and diligent practice, this module provided sessions, which helped those participating advance in their efforts. Homework was also highly useful way of forcing oneself into further progression.

Personal Rating



I did not put as much effort into this subject as I did into Spanish 1. The content being harder and pace faster was not the reason, though. Other subjects were. Now I seem like one of these people who consider languages to be the helpline subject. I know that it is not true and cannot emphasize the importance of languages in today's world.

I like Spanish. Much like cheese. It is a dynamic language, easy to pronounce for somebody with Czech as native language. It is third most used language in the world and gives access to many online resources.

My biggest complication, while studying it, was ironically prior knowledge of French, which I don't even like anymore. Not that it wouldn't be useful or anything. It's just not as nice.

For the next year, though, I am not taking the advanced module, because I will need to put time into my dissertation and my attitude would probably suffer anyway.

Grading Composition

Task Weight Grade
Exam 1 0.25 74
Listening 0.25 96
Exam 2 0.25 78
Speaking 0.25 71
Total 1.0 80