Welcome to my academic portfolio where I publish and reflect on work from each individual module taken here at the Plymouth University.

I have decided to leave my home country, the Czech Republic, in order to achieve a valuable degree in Economics, as the current academic state of Economics there follows methods of learning highly successful in a group of scientific disciplines, which never have or never will contain Economics.

Reason for my choice of this subject is, to surprise of many, not my attraction to money but my lifelong obsession with human reasoning massively reflected in the rational choice models.

Despite considering a career path in teaching, my decision on choice of masters degree ended up being Econometrics and Operations Research course at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. One of the factors helping me decide was the Employers Mentoring Program provided at the University of Plymouth during year 2, in particular the sessions shared with my mentor Helen Simmonds. Secondly, a rather solidifying factor has been the Summer Internship Programme at Ahold Czech Republic, a major retail business, where I have embarked onto a further journey in this field. In addition, a reason of convenience - brexit - was added to the mix.

Final GPA: 74.73

Final Degree class: 1st