ECN3017 - International Economics


More macroeconomics, now concerned with theory of international trade and globalization, solidifying the knowledge through techniques of international finance. Combining both orthodox and heterodox perspectives on theoretical side of things were thought provoking lectures of Neil Smith, related to the coursework on Dyson electric vehicle production plans and potential FDI opportunities. Fangya Xu then presented mathematical framework extending IS-LM model as well as mathematical tools useful to understanding of trade dynamics.

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Okay. This module, especially the exam, came in one of the most critical periods. And despite all the excuses I could put here, I admit I messed up. Nothing less and nothing more. Although I enjoyed writing the essay, which did resulted in decent mark, the exam was a perfect demonstration of the fact that all students have their weaker days. I really only revised the night before the exam, went to bed at 9am, seeking 3 hours of sleep right before the exam. Overslept. Got up 2 minutes into the sitting time, and slowly went to the venue. Just fitting the 30-minute delay threshold pertmitting me to still attend, I opened the question paper aaaaaand... my mind went basically blank. Thankfully, I won some points. And I am glad that I didn't resit.

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Essay 0.5 75.0
Exam 0.5 44.0
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Dyson Electric Vehicle Production Plan
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