ECN3015 - Practical Economic Modelling


Advaced module in Econometrics, which had introduced us to Logit models, MonteCarlo simulation techniques, as well as basic optimization constraints. Tutorials were run weekly and mostly consisted of discussion of matters related to coursework problems, although few introductory lecture-like sessions were provided. Because of the number of students attending, the atmosphere was peaceful and connection with the lecturer easier than it is usual.

Personal Rating



The major problem of this module was timing of submissions. I know it is more a problem of my time management skills, but splitting the submission deadlines into multiple dates would help me achieve far better grades. Owing to this module, I managed to communicate with my dissertation supervisor more easily, which came handy near the deadline of the proposal. I unfortunately managed to tear off this connection when the module ended. I terms of what I learned, I am satisfied and ready to make my chances with even more econometric and data science techniques. Oh! And I used R for all tasks herein.

Grading Composition

Task Weight Grade
Reflection 0.2 20.0
DEA 0.3 55.0
LOGIT 0.5 80.0
Total 1.0 69.5


Effects of Age, Income, Hours Worked, and Demographic Variables on Life Satisfaction Level in the Population of United Kingdom
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UK Passenger Airlines: DEA
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Practical Economic Modelling: Reflective essay
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