ECN2012 - Macroeconomics


Intermediate macroeconomic theory was covered in this module, starting from the three equation models and debt dynamics presented by Dr Fangya Xu. Andrew Hunt then continued and provided a well delivered derivation of growth models as well as economic cycle theory.

Coursework consisted of examination of anchored expectations IS-PC-MR model and a case study on a period of significant disinflation, which could very well be conducted using a time series analysis.

Personal Rating



With rising difficulty of models we were dealing with, I was alternating between excitement and helplessness. Thankfuly, Geogebra once again helped me understand everything adequatly, which lead to an exam mark just above the threshold of the feasable level. This, nevertheless occured in spite of setbacks in the process of preparation for it in the last days.

Grading Composition

Task Weight Grade
Attendance 0.1 100
Essay 0.4 74
Exam 0.5 62
Total 1.0 71


Cost of Disnflation: Case Study for Canada
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