ECN2009 - Economic Perspectives


Subject providing us, students of Plymouth University with something students of other institutions may not be ever told. Andrew Hunt and Neil Smith have composed a very useful set of lectures and exercises on discovery of ways of thinking, which were historically developing in the field of Economics.

Personal Rating



One of the subjects, where most educated people could enjoy any lecture, regardless of their background. Even sociologists. The lectures were fast paced, yet well designed and gave a good insight into how the field evolved. Aside from this, it involved enormous amount of reading, which I approve of, yet must say that it was not the easiest thing to do, as It did take far more time than anticipated and the actual writing of anything other than notes was mostly compressed into two consecutive nights prior to the noon of coursework submission.

Grading Composition

Task Weight Grade
Literature Review 0.5 86
Competing Perspectives 0.5 73
Total 1.0 80


Returns to Education Across the Wage Distribution
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Fluctuations in real GDP according to New Keynesian and post-Keynesian economic models
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