ECN2005 - Econometrics


A module introducing students to the more profound analysis of data, using SPSS and GRETL. Firstly, lectures on the mathematical concepts behind statistics were given, then a cross-section data analysis formed a major part of the module. Finally, time series analysis was explored. The lectures were accompanied with weekly tutorials, for which homework assignments were required and further practical exercises were done with the help of lecturers.

Personal Rating



I think I have done well on this module and my grade is corresponding. Not only have I managed to excel in terms of participation and the time series coursework, but I also managed to get a decent grade from the cross-sectional analysis. I am happy to have learned this much from the module and I genuinely think that the knowledge will be applied in my future works. Thank you humbly, Dr. Brand.

Grade Composition

Task Weight Grade
Homework 0.1 100.00
Report: Cross Section 0.3 78.00
Exercise: Time Series 0.6 93.30
Total 1.0 84.70


Determinants of BMI and Obesity in England
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Time Series Analysis Course Work
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