ECN1008 - Economics in Action


The purpose of this module seemed to be giving students an ideas on how research of academics works and how they approach it. Three lecturers have presented the essential basics of their research topic and enriched us with an up-to-date information on given issue.

  • Alberto Basso gave lectures on the economics of development and equality
  • Steven Brand has given us a good overview of the simplest concepts in his research of the economics of betting
  • Dominic Silman has provided a well-structured theoretical background on economics of banking

Personal Rating



From this module, I have taken one main thing, which is that no matter what my research topic is, I have to be passionate about it. And it might be one of the main motivators, which make me even consider doing a PhD. These lecturers have inspired me strongly. Although I was not well during the time of this module, I always looked forward to the next lecture and, with exception of one where I fell asleep, have enjoyed them.

Grading Composition

Task Weight Grade
Attendance 0.1 100
Essay: Betting 0.4 80
Essay: Development, Banking 0.5 81
Total 1.0 83


Banker’s strategy in the television show “Deal or No Deal”
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Comparison of Inequality Using Lorenz Curve and Gini Coefficient; Role of Central Bank in an Economy
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