ECN1007 - Principles of Economics B


Module introducing students to Macroeconomics, explaining difference between micro and macro. Two key models introduced were Keynesian income-expenditure model and the AS-AD model. Finally, it was explained how data is used in macroeconomics and basics of data analysis were presented to us.

Personal Rating



Lectures were very inspiring and interesting, although the form differed among lecturers. I did not like the timing of the lecture as I was very sleepy most of the time. Nevertheless, I enjoyed them mostly. My favorite part was the macro data analysis, for which coursework also had to be submitted. I think I have done it right, although I felt I could've invested more time into it

Universal skills gained:

  • High-level use of MS Excel
  • Fortnightly preparation for tutorials (time-management and study habits)

Grading Composition

Task Weight Grade
Attendance 0.1 100
Report 0.4 72
Exam 0.5 73
Total 1.0 75


Relationship Between Disposable Income and Consumption Expenditure
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