ECN1006 - Principles of Economics A


Introductory module in Microeconomics, introducing the concept of rational choice and its relation to the perfect competition market. It included tutorials in basic mathematics in order to facilitate students' ability to analyze models mathematically. The assessment included an exam and an essay on the rational choice of a firm choosing between production factors, using concept of cardinal utility.

Personal Rating



After the ECN1005 module, which I was not happy about, this module was a very positive experience, as it finally outlined a model properly and enabled me to think about the concepts and start to relate them properly to reality. The exam was fairly easy. The assessed essay was on the other hand quite challenging, and although I was not too happy with what I have submitted, I enjoyed doing it and benefited greatly. Despite this, however, I was very happy with my grades.

Universal skills gained

  • Use of Geogebra
  • Improvement in English language writing style

Grading Composition

Task Weight Grade
Attendance 0.1 100
Essay 0.4 84
Exam 0.5 89
Total 1.0 88


Determining the Cost Function
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