ECN1000PP - Economics Plymouth Plus


Full title of the subject was Economics: a Social Science for the 21st Century. It focused on learning about and applying the UN Sustainable Development Goals to chosen analytical and economic frameworks in order to make a snapshot assessment of current situation related to certain issue and potentially offer solutions.
Students worked in teams in order to produce a presentation about their issue of concern and proposed solution. Then, they worked individually on a more profound piece of writing outlining their personal view using a well resourced argument.

Personal Rating

Although the group work did not go entirely as one would want, we (I) have achieved a rather interestingly composed framework of assessing issues of countries of the whole world, based on data from World Bank and the Hunger Index.
I did learn a lot while taking this module and I am glad that I had the chance to take it, although at times, I felt negatively about critical feedback I have sometimes received.

Universal skills gained

  • Introduction to LaTeX  
  • PHP programming with MySQL database  
  • Presenting


After the ECN1005 module, which I was not happy about, this module was a very positive experience, as it finally outlined a model properly and enabled me to think about the concepts and start to relate them properly to reality. The exam was fairly easy. The assessed essay was on the other hand quite challenging, and although I was not too happy with what I have submitted, I enjoyed doing it and benefited greatly. Despite this, however, I was very happy with my grades.

Grading Composition

Task Weight Grade
Presentation 0.1 100
Report 0.9 87
Total 1.0 88


Designing a Model to Classify Economies by Level of Satisfaction of Deficiency Needs in Order to Monitor Accomplishment of Sustainable Development Goals

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